New Wave Toys Qbert Interview With Warren Davis

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2m Jul 9, 2021

New Wave Toys Qbert machines: https://bit.ly/3wwikUG
Qbert x RepliCade is a fully playable 1/6th scale replica of the original Qbert arcade machine presented by New Wave™! Qbert was released in 1982 by Gottlieb and was the first game designed by legendary developer Warren Davis. Qbert x RepliCade runs the original arcade ROMs of both Qbert and the previously unreleased sequel Faster Harder More Challenging Qbert!

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00:00 Intro
0:05:34 Show Start
0:07:06 Glen's Game Of The Week
0:12:09 Shiloh From New Wave Toys
0:12:22 Warren Davis
0:17:17 New Wave Toys Q*Bert Replicades
0:46:21 Q*bert Trivia


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