The BEST Undefeated Air Jordan 4 Grail (Real vs Fake) First Look at Gloss Flaw Fix/On-Feet/How To/UA

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1m Sep 12, 2021

Quick look and on-feet of the UA Undefeated Air Jordan 4 after the "Lack of Gloss Flaw" is fixed. UA vs Authentic comparison for educational and entertainment purposes Light Heavily Affects Material Shine, Color, and Nubuck/Suede Movement Visibility

Noticeable UA Flaws:
-Creamier Midsole
-Although shiny in alternating lights, tongue material shine slightly duller
-Nubuck movement isn't as defined/materials slightly lighter (even after mink oil treatment)

For more info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f_vO31LE9KLXslGlrSoihOQBqgxxNFFGyOeAt6HRpCE/edit?usp=sharing

Educating sneaker enthusiasts and spreading knowledge for Legit Checkers.
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Educating sneaker enthusiasts and spreading knowledge for Legit Checkers.


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