Valentines Day Animation Mix AMV - Never Let Her Go

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3y Feb 14, 2018

Finally got it done! I have to mention that this AMV mix is the second to last that I am doing. Well, the second to last one with multiple anime/original animations. The last one will be of fan animations for a single anime that has an original spin to it. Anyways, this one that I just posted came out a lot better ( animation and effects ) than usual, since I've started using more effects in each scene and working more on making my animations smoother ( I'm more patient now ). Since the next AMV style animation video will be the last, I'll have more time to focus on my anime episodes, which means they will get done a LOT quicker, and be better animated since my focus will be solely on them ( once I finish my other projects I'll be getting the episodes done even faster! )

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Got a couple projects on my hands at the moment. Second episode of my original anime is in progress, as well as a fan animation and an animation amv.


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