Ascent by DaVinci - The World's Most Advanced Portable Vaporizer

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6y Jan 16, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - The Ascent by DaVinci Ascent is easily considered to be the world’s most advanced portable vaporizer.

You can vape your favorite botanicals(or loose leaf) and oils comfortably and discreetly with this 100% pure glass pathway vaporizer. The all glass vapor path makes for easy cleanup as well. Feel liberated to vape in your favorite bars, restaurants, or outdoors. The superior three-hour battery life allows you to freely enjoy your vape session.

The Ascent also is the only customizable vaporizer in the market and it allows you to design the unit from the ground up. It also features a precision control temperature that prevents you from inhaling burnt products so that you can dial in your high. Design your vape and define your style with this vape.

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About DaVinci Vaporizer

As a lifestyle-aware company, DAVINCI strives to produce premium vaporizer products that cater to the flexible lifestyles of our customers.


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