Pretty Good Gaming Podcast Episode 71

Ghost of Tsushima & Open World Fatigue / Gaming Quiz / Triggered Fanboy & MORE

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11m Jul 19, 2020

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro
06:26 Ghost of Tsushima
30:15 Community Section
32:07 Metalshark’s Quiz of the week
40:47 Game of the Ages
45:19 why still no prices for next gen consoles?
48:15 is it ok for Devolver Digital to mock other companies?
50:51 make any game a strategy game
53:24 controversial questions
01:01:05 Henry's verdict on Mass Effect 1 & 2
01:02:34 mass effect andromeda
01:04:07 has c-virus changed your gaming habits?
01:06:16 ideal vision for PGG?
01:09:44 destroy all humans anyone?
01:11:14 Darksiders vs god of war
01:13:17 Triggered fanboy comment of the week
01:15:21 Youtube comments
1:26:57 Bad dad joke of the week

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We talk about video games every day on this channel, with news coverage, review round-ups, talking points and our own opinions. We do our best to call out the wrong, and highlight the good in the games industry.


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