St. Brice's Day Massacre : A Viking Genocide?

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8m Jan 25, 2021

This is lecture 8.

In this episode the highly esteemed scholar Dr. Richard Abels guides us into a controversial subject and that is whether of not St. Brice's Day Massacre was exaggerated and made into something it wasn't?

Were women and children murdered? Were these Vikings Christians? What does archaeology have to say and does it match the medieval sources that we have today?

St. Brice's Day massacre involved the killing of Danes in the Kingdom of England on Friday, the 13th of November 1002, ordered by King Æthelred the Unready. These killings were allegedly in response to the frequent Danish raids on England, King Æthelred supposedly ordered the execution of all Danes living in England.

Although evidence is lacking, the skeletons of 34 to 38 men aged between 16 and 25 were found during an excavation at St John's College, Oxford, in 2008.

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