What did the Romans ever do for Ireland?

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9m Dec 9, 2020

In this episode we are joined by Turtle Bunbury who is known world wide as an Irish author, historian, and television presenter.

He demonstrates his love for Irish history in this story by enthusiastically guiding us into the Roman Empire and ever so shrinking Celtic world as he takes us into the Roman conquest of Britain, the vicious massacre of the Druids and the consolidation of once Celtic lands under Roman control.... but it doesn't stop there, he then takes us into the ancient world of Ireland and its connection to the British Isles and the ever expanding Roman world from discussing primary sources, archaeology, lore and so much more.

Mr. Bunbury paints us a picture of a world almost forgotten while reminding us that we can still see the faint remains of this world all around us..... if we merely take the time to look.

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Website: http://www.turtlebunbury.com/

Original article "What did the Romans ever do for Ireland?"

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