October 2019 Q&A

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1y Oct 30, 2019

0:39 Trystan R
What are your thoughts on polymer cased ammo such as True Velocity?

2:05 Craig S Jr.
Karl, what's the differences in gear (not the guns themselves, but rather say accessories and web gear) between 3-gun and 2-gun?

4:05 Carol K
What makes a gun too precious to shoot?

( 5:05 cat)

For tuning the action of a DI AR-15, one can use an adjustable gas block, change the mass of the bolt carrier/buffer, or change spring rate of the buffer spring. What method do you suggest for getting the lowest recoil impulse?

8:38 Sean S
What do you think of the DERPGRU phenomena?

9:50 Kris with a K
Being a content creator having to spend time on social media platforms, how do you manage negativity that comes with said platforms?

12:15 Eamon B
Do you ever have issues with stuff mounted on guns, such as lasers and lights, getting hung up on firing ports such as on VTAC barricades, and if so, do you ever take them off for competitions?

13:43 Carl V
Are there any plans to increase the amount of shooters in the next Finnish Brutality so more people can join this awesome experience?

15:05 John H
The M1 carbine has a reputation for being unreliable. What was wrong with it? Design flaw? Ammunition? Unrealistic expectations?

18:13 Ron B
On the AR -15 platform, can you give us an idea of the loss of accuracy from having a tradition pinned front sight base/gas block combo vs a full floating hand guard setup? Could you characterize it in percent MOA loss?

20:19 London Jolly
What are your thoughts on running a chest rig over a slick plate carrier?

21:29 John G
As InRange continues to evolve, what’s been the most surprising development?

23:30 Nick N
What is your opinion of the BRN-180 thus far?

24:39 Josh W
How well do you think VR will work as a cost effective way to train firearm manipulation, and or pilots or anything similar?

26:31 Nathan F
Is a heavy trigger an acceptable, practical and usable form of safety?

28:00 Andrew M
What is your opinion on "PDW" stocks for AR-15s? Do they have any practical value or are they just a gimmick?

29:18 Chris C
If there was a unified attempt to ban 3D printed firearms, how do you think Americans would act in general?

30:01 Jay C
Is there a Maxim 9 in inventory, and/or will there be a followup with it, perhaps in a 2-gun setting?

31:18 E Germi
Is the Browning Hi Power obsolete? Why or why not?

32:03 Tim B
Do you have to have a special license to have weapons shipped for videos or are they just borrowed from local owners for the length of time to film?

33:21 Tim K
What cartridge do you think is tragically overlooked?

34:11 Alan
I like the dust tests as a compliment to the mud tests. How do you think open bolt machine guns like the PKM would fare?

35:09 Brock F
Are there any airfields/ municipal airports near 2GACM?

36:04 Denver S
Am I wrong for loving synthetic motor oil and wheel bearing grease for gun lubricants?

38:34 Christopher H
Third-time question: What are the best oiled-wood-and-blued-steel firearms for 2gACM?

39:27 Mark B
How challenging is it to do a multi channel collaboration like Finnish brutality and how much did you know everyone before hand?

40:47 Martin M
What fictional (movie, video game, etc..) guns would you like to own in real life?

42:03 Lewis B
I know the WWSD carbine went with the 14.5" (or 14.7") w/p&w flash suppressor due to US federal law. If these constraints were not applicable, would you have gone with a shorter barrel?

43:09 Brian I
Karl, have you ever tried airsoft or paintball? If so, how did it compare to competition shooting?

44:19 Michael O
Olympic (22) rifle and dynamic shooting, how many transferable skills are there between the two?

45:29 Luis R
Do you for see any changes coming handguns that will make the 1911 obsolete?

46:12 Gabriel C
Would you recommend focusing more on physical fitness or shooting proficiency for a match like Desert Brutality?

47:15 Jon B
Are you and Ian doing Red October this year?

47:39 Herk
Please explain best technique for kettlebell throwing, a la Kasarda Drill; I'd like to practice for Brutality matches without ingraining inefficient technique or, worse, getting injured.

48:37 John W
In 2/3 gun matches, have you ever tried shooting from kneeling vs always going prone when possible?

49:43 Bunny
How concerned do I need to be about wiggle between the AR upper and lower and how would you fix it?

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