The Reign and Death of Emperor Claudius | Dr. Andrew Traver

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2m Jul 6, 2021

In the final episode on our trilogy on Emperor Claudius Dr. Andrew Traver takes us into the very heart of his reign in the roman empire and into the very deaths of his mortality.

After the shocking rise of Claudius to power the Roman Empire went under expansion not seen since Emperor Augustus as Claudius launched campaigns and especially into Britain finalizing the dream of Julius Caesar.

But from bloody conquests to senate intrigue Claudius launches major reform throughout the Justice system and within the Roman courts as he strives to become more active while even hearing cases himself.

From investigating senators to carrying out strategic attacks against conspirators Claudius continues to establish himself and to secure his reign.

From social | political reform to showing mercy on foreign enemies he oversees the most stable Roman government since Augustus.

From marital issues to assassinations this finale dives into the very heart of Claudius and his complicated world.

Finally after a period of unsuccessful and or doomed marriages we approach the end of the story as he marries Agrippina the Younger and a new chapter of intrigue, murder and conspiracy begins as Agrippina attempts to establish her own powerbase and place for her son Nero in the very heart of Roman power.

Alas we come to the death or as many say the assassination of Claudius and we review his legacy and all that he achieved as an unlikely individual who became on of the greatest Emperors in Roman history.

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