KSI Is Being CANCELLED For "Transphobia"!

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4m Mar 10, 2021

Recently, KSI was "exposed" for alleged "trans-phobia", and, today, I want to discuss these allegations.

KSI Is Being CANCELLED For "Transphobia"!

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In today's video HarleyTBS discusses cancel culture, KSI being cancelled & some spicy twitter drama! Today KSI got cancelled on twitter & I would like to discuss KSI is being cancelled, today's video is a KSI drama commentary, KSI was cancelled for being transphobic & KSI allegedly said a transphobic slur, which caused him to get cancelled on Twitter. Today we're going to be talking about KSI being cancelled on Twitter.

This video is not related to TommyInnit, the Dream SMP or PewDiePie. Instead, this is a video about KSI being cancelled on Twitter, not on YouTube or Discord. This video is not featuring Wilbur Soot, Slimecicle, KSI, this video also does not teach you how to get free discord nitro. Today's video discusses drama, like with creators like PewDiePie, and, more recently, Eminem and Ninja. Today's video is the funniest thing ever, but, this is not the funniest Minecraft mod video, this is a video about KSI being cancelled. KSI was exposed. This video does not include Among Us, there is no "sus" in this video. This description literally is a keyword heaven, and, I know, however, it's funny. The funniest minecraft mod ever for 1.16.4 Minecraft speedrun. I spoke to Dream before making this video! Dream follows me on Twitter. Dream gets fanart. Dream does not feature in this video, however, Dream likes my videos. Dream features in video(s). Dream thinks I'm smart. Dream is subscribed to me. DreamWasTaken. Dream's username was taken on Twitter, so, instead, he called himself DreamWasTaken, I know, funny right? @Dream is cool & I like him.

This video discusses @Sidemen & @MoreSidemen, @SidemenReacts @KSI, @Miniminter, @JJ Olatunji, content creator, KSI! He got cancelled on Twitter. He is brothers to @Deji, who, he got in drama with, also @Deji 2nd. KSI in the past had drama with Logan Paul, @Logan Paul has exposed KSI & done diss track's on KSI. KSI made a video on Logan Paul, KSI exposed Logan Paul.

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