Ep. 11 Tessa Sawchuk, "How To Move Forward Beyond The Pandemic"

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5m Apr 5, 2021

Ep. 11 2. 2. 21

All right, here's the first episode of Tuesday Conversation with Friends for 2021! I have Tessa Sawchuk with me. 2021 didn't turn out to be the magic bullet we were all hoping for to reverse the effects of 2020. But it is definitely moving us towards the other side of the pandemic. As musicians, and music teachers, how do we move forward? I found myself bombarded by programs on Facebook to teach us how to market online. Is this the way to go beyond this pandemic? How about relationship building and many other things that will matter again as we get past this time? Tessa has a long track record in building teaching studios through smart and humanistic marketing. She created the first The Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada's testing center in Greater Seattle, WA, and built a studio from the ground up, then later expanded to 5 locations with multiple teachers. She started teaching online and became curious about technology as well as the new way of teaching a few years before Coronavirus was a thing. Join me in hearing a different perspective!

About Tuesday Conversation w/ Friends

Tuesday Conversation with Friends is a conversation series born out of our unique experience during the pandemic in 2020. One day, I started leafing through my Facebook friends list and realized I have absolutely fascinating friends.


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