Q&A - August 2016

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4y Sep 1, 2016

Well, we almost posted it August, this is close enough right?

Questions and topics discussed in this Q&A:

Why hasn't the RIA Freedom Challenge raised more money?
What is the most underrated modern rifle that someone could shoot 2gun with?
What has been more harmed in regards to development due to the NFA?
Do 3gun shooters do well at 2gun?
Squad level matches - why not?
What pre-WW2 guns would we want to modernize?
Walther CCP Update?
What parts kits would we want to build?
How uncomfortable is that WW1 uniform?
Could a G3 or FAL compete with the SVD in a DMR role?
What do you think about rifles with multiple sighting systems and stacking optics?
What is the place for MP5, EVO and similar guns in their pistol configuration in the real world?
Demonstration of Ian’s really neato range toy.
What weapons were in development when WW2 ended?
What actually influenced Japanese surrender?
When do we personally carry a firearm?
What gun or gear have we not gotten to try out that we'd want to?


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