Loading with inadequate load data? Impossible? Not if you have a chronograph!

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4y Jan 19, 2017

In Europe we are used to very, very threadbare load data. In the US, you don't have this problem. Sometimes over here it can be impossible to find load data for reloading calibres which are common in the US, with the powders that we can get hold of here. However, all is not lost! If you have a chronograph and at least two braincells to rub together, you can safely develop your own load data! AT YOUR OWN RISK, of course.

Bloke illustrates this with load development for, what else, the Swiss 7.5x53.5mm GP90, for which there is basically no load data. Anywhere. So we have to interpolate, or get a ballpark figure from Quickload, and work up our loads carefully. Unfortunately, Quickshot low-balled it and the Bloke was over-cautious, so will need another range trip. But it's a good excuse to get the Unicorn of a private Schmidt-Rubin G89/96 straight pull out on camera!

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