Ultimate 8 minute "All Abs Quickie"

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7y Feb 3, 2014

Set Exercise
Set 1 6 Coffin Crunches
Set 2 12 Single leg crunches (Both sides)
Set 3 30 Second plank
Set 4 10 Planks
Set 5 10 Side plank dips into 20 second hold (Both sides)
Set 6 20 Mountain climbers
Set 7 20 Knee to toe crunches, Alternating
Set 8 12 Single leg crunches (Both sides)
Set 9 20 V-Sit rotations
Set 10 20 Mountain climbers
Set 11 30 Second plank
Set 12 10 Pushups
Set 13 30 Second plank
Set 14 20 Scissor kicks

Welcome to Truepo Tv. (True Potential) where you have access to amazing free workout videos and programs. Join Nate Bower for this series of "Quickie" workouts. These are 5-12 minute training routines suitable for all levels.

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About Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor, personal trailer, and competitive athlete based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. This channel offers boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts, high intensity interval training, motivation, timed session workout routines, and more.


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