Urban Savage Shadow Boxing HIIT

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2y Oct 2, 2018

This is the first video if my Savage Boxing Workout series. As always the game plan is to get you to develop a strong mental game, elevate through fatigue and train your body to move, stay controlled and push limits while tired. Boxing workouts are more than just throwing punches. You may want to quit, you may want to stop, you may wonder what it takes to optimize your results and intensity in these sessions. Fact is, if you're asking questions you're on your way to finding the answers. Push with me, don't give into fatigue, and remember the workouts you started and didn't finish. BE SAVAGE, BE FLUID, BE SATISFIED YOU FINISHED, AND NEVER STOP WHEN YOU HAVE MORE TO GIVE. This is Urban Savage Boxing Workouts. #LETSDOTHIS

About Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor, personal trailer, and competitive athlete based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. This channel offers boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts, high intensity interval training, motivation, timed session workout routines, and more.


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