"Why Mommy Carries a Gun" by Lt. Col. Grossman

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5m Feb 8, 2021

Let's read together!

Video Games make you violent per Lt. Col. Grossman:

Grossman on Columbine (Caused by Doom):

Killing makes you horny - a perk of being a LEO per Grossman:

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dukhat @dukhat 5m 5 months ago

I'm guessing that you dedicated an entire episode to this book not just because it was cheesy and heavy-handed. Rather, it was because of the flippant comments Lt. Col. Grossman made about killing, and that he seems to expect the gun community to have all the same values. The term sheepdog is also self-aggrandizing and dismissive of people with other viewpoints. The more I try to decipher where your opinions overlap or diverge from Lt. Col. Grossman's, the more boring this comment becomes. I'll just stop trying to figure out what your opinion is. I'm now realizing that there are very few children's books that do a good job discussing political/controversial topics. The books either represent one side of the topic, or they don't tackle the topic at all. Eddie the Eagle is about the only resource I know of for talking to kids about guns, and that is hardly mainstream. Often, when my kids ask a difficult question, they will get bored before I can articulate a fair and balanced answer.

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