Indo European Origins of the Ancient Mediterranean

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9m Dec 26, 2020

This episode is based off of the paper Indo-Europeanization in the Mediterranean by Dr. Fred Woudhuizen.

In this presentation Dr. Woudhuizen patiently guides to the origins of the Indo European migrations and the impacts they had in the Ancient Mediterranean and Anatolia.

We discuss some questions that are not satisfied by simple answers such as what languages existed among indigenous populations before the arrival of Indo Europeans.

Dialectal Tendencies in Indo-European Language.

What they brought to the playing field such as technology, language, writing systems and the tank of the ancient world touching on the dispersal of Chariot-warfare, Circa. 1720-1650 B.C.

We also discuss Northern immigrants and migrations into Greece, Anatolia and the Levant.

How important was the horse in Indo European religions and cultures?

The earliest Indo Europeans in Anatolia.

Trifunctional Religious Ideology among Indo-European Population Groups of the3rd and 2nd Millennia BC and then we speculate as to why Indo European groups expanded their pantheon of deities from a typical three to in some cases hundreds if not thousands of gods and goddesses.

Lastly, we discuss the legacy of the Indo Europeans and what Dr. Woudhuizen has learned about them and what has stood out the most throughout his years of research.

Link to original article "Indo-Europeanization in the Mediterranean, with particular attention to the fragmentary languages."


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