IDARM 2018 - Stage 4 - Trick Long Range Targets

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2y Aug 23, 2018

The Arizona Independence Day Rifle Match is a long standing tradition in the state, and what better a way to celebrate Independence Day than with a shooting competition?

This year Ian and Karl bring out some odd rifles - a left handed G3 and a highly modified Vz2008 (Vz58) as an experiment in what if?

Stage 4:
From the truck bed, engage 2 medium range targets, then decide if you want to go for the 300-400 yard targets as a bonus.

Exit the truck, re-engage the required medium range targets 2x, but then decide - are the long range targets worth the bonus, or are they a trick?

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jefprice @jefprice 10m 10 months ago

The reverb chamber effect of shooting from the pickup bed was interesting. Did you guys find that distracting at all? Was that something you had prior experience with? Not surprising, just hadn't thought about it.

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