Andrew Maguire “We Can’t Get Wholesale Silver Bars”

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11m Aug 4, 2020

For years, and perhaps even decades, #gold and #silver advocates have warned to watch out one day if people come and take physical delivery of their metals.

They cautioned that there are far more paper claims than actual metal, and when people take delivery, that's when the price would finally explode.

Amazingly, it seems that day has finally arrived. As not only has gold broken through $2,000 per ounce, but now wholesale silver continues to be difficult, if not completely impossible to find. Which #AndrewMaguire of Kinesis Money joined me on the show to discuss.

On this historic day in the gold and silver markets, you are just simply going to want to hear what Andrew had to say. So quick to watch the interview now!

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Bandalar @bandalar 11m 11 months ago

Great video - It's important to realize that Silver was already primed for a shortage before this crisis even began!

I must confess that in late March, I was bullish on Gold and not Silver because of Silver's industrial nature... but by early July, it became clear that mining shutdowns were creating very severe shortages of Silver.

I think it's inevitable that we surpass the last peak of ~$50. I wouldn't be surprised to see a spike above the all-time peak of ~$100, considering that the Silver supply is very inelastic these days. Due to recent low prices, there are very few pure silver mines left!

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