AR500 Armor Spall Testing W/Dugan Ashley

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3y Nov 4, 2017

InRangeTV and Primary & Secondary conspired with Dugan Ashley of CarnikCon to ensure that all science in this video was properly sciencey, so this is the only armor test you'll ever need to watch:

AR500 steel plate armor will absolutely stop incoming rounds, but what about the spalling?

When a projectile hits and stops on this plate, it essentially disintegrates and those bits have to go somewhere.

Those bits, along with any actual fragmentation from the steel plate itself, can be as lethal as the projectile itself.

This problem exists potentially with all armor, but it's particularly more likely with steel plates. AR500 coats their armor with a rhino liner like substance that is intended to mitigate this issue.

In this video we test AR500 coated plates by hitting it with a variety of different rounds and investigate the spalling, or lack there of, generated as a result of the impact.

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