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1y Dec 13, 2019

https://www.davincitech.com/ - The IQ2 can be used with the DaVinci dosage pod and up to 0.2g of dry herb.

For this you will need an IQ2, a ceramic dosage pod, some of your tray and metal or glass dish for ABV and your favorite dry herb!

Simply fill the ceramic dosage pod with your ground dry herb, and pack it firmly.

Fill up to right below where the cap locks into place for optimal results. press cap into locking grooves and twist clockwise to seal.

Once you have secured your filled ceramic pod, insert your dosage pod into your IQ2’s oven.

To remove, let cool for 2 minutes. Use the pick tool and place it into the center slot of the pod end to pull from the oven.

If the pod is stuck, try turning gently clockwise or warming the oven enough to gently lift the pod out of the oven. Take care not to damage the oven while removing the pod.

Please be cautious - the pod will be hot. Do not attempt to remove it immediately after a session.

It is recommended to clean the pod after every use. Multiple dosage pods and more regular cleaning is highly recommended for optimal performance.

Thank you for watching! For more information about your DaVinci IQ2, please feel free to contact us through our support page - https://www.davincitech.com/support or give us a call 1-800-336-7224

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