Naruto vs Dangea Fan Animation Trailer ( Crossover/Release Date Moved )

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4y Jul 6, 2017

So, I've kept it quiet about which fan animation I have been working on, and am releasing this trailer, which is for that very fan animation! Honestly, the parts I chose aren't particularly stunning, but I really didn't want to spoil the best parts. Was originally intending to finish the entire thing in July/August last year, but other projects got in the way. I'm planning on finishing two other projects ( which are almost done ) before finishing this one. Anyways, this fan animation is turning out to be a nice change of pace! Especially since I used to be a fan animator known as Animalcrazed11, though I've long since deleted that channel.

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Got a couple projects on my hands at the moment. Second episode of my original anime is in progress, as well as a fan animation and an animation amv.


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