May 2020 Q&A

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1y May 20, 2020

Tim B
Cowitness preference?

Andrew D
You’re going to be sent to a combat zone in 2200 you don’t know which side you will be on or who’s fighting. It’s just your job to get out. What do you bring?

Kris D
Do you have a favorite black power gun?

John G
Good resources (besides formal education) for someone interested in learning about InfoSec?

What new things have come out since, such as sights like the Aimpoint Comp M5?

Sebastian M
Best shop to buy old west clothing and gear?

Aaron M
Do pistol braces have any practical applications, or are they just a "range toy"?

Deviant Ollam
Do you think the ATF will (under political pressure or otherwise) reverse their reversal and classify AR pistols as SBRs?

James H
Your historical 'Old West Vignettes' are some of the least viewed, but my favourite, content on the channel; are they as interesting/fun to research, narrate and film as to watch?

Troy M
When the world opens back up are there plans for some civil war vignettes?

Will W
Any plans for more rifle time trials like your g3 versus Swiss roller locked?

E Germi
Is the 7.62x39mm obsolete as a military round?

Ed H
I seem to recall Ian stating that double feed 9mm mags are superior to single feed mags. Why?

Keith D
How to safely shoot a G43?

Travis R
Do you think it's time to revisit and redesign the shotgun shell to a rimless design, possibly utilizing a fully polymer case?

Matthew J
Which would you rather be in: a 2018 squad on a 1918 battlefield, or a 1918 squad on a ~1778 battlefield?

Charles E
Is night time competitive shooting a feasible proposition, both to organize and participate, and to capture for our viewing pleasure?

Mark B
Karl, have you built new target stands?

Carl V

Is there a particular order of priority you would recommend for the parts going into a WWSD-style rifle if we're looking to build one?

Brian R
Would you be interested in mud testing an hk p7?

Steven W
Modernize lever guns?

Enjoy the head to head competition during 2-gun matches. Any thoughts of a standard course to all guns through and make a leader board?

While a competitor is shooting in 2 gun match with a holstered pistol, that is loaded and chambered, then goes prone; Does that break the 180 rule; Or does the 180 rule only apply to a firearm someone is actively handling?

David S
What positive changes do you foresee coming out of the coronavirus lockdown?

Sean C
How good is the Red Cross first aid course? Worth taking or a waste of time?

What were the most common civilian guns during the old west period, and why? Rifles and pistols alike.

Tony B
Third time asking: With the increasing advances in small rockets, guided missiles, and drones;,is artillery becoming obsolescent?

Do you consider semi-auto versions of military style rifles as neutered look a-likes, or are full autos just an enhanced version of the normal rifle.

M1 vs M1A?

Mike K
For my first reloading press set, am I doing myself a disservice by jumping to a progressive press straight away?

Andrew M
I despise the SKS, how wrong is my personal opinion?

John V
What kind of practical shooting venues exist for civil war era/old west firearms besides Cowboy Action Shooting?

Christopher S
Would you be willing to let someone run a diy 3D printed gun at one of your matches?

Sharyn H
Red? Green? or Christmas style?

Adam S
3rd ask: Is there any chance of WWSD-esque carbon foregrip for the BRN-180?

Are DQs treated as a shameful event or "it happens, don't worry"?

Jeff K
Do you think Marty Robbins gun fighter songs contributed to the stereotypical old west shoot out? Or was it previously established?

Timo G
Could you give a quick look to the B.U.G match rules? Seems lots of fun what Ian has done recently.

Why are firearms so focused on toolless disassembly, when almost no other mechanical device is?

Any interest in archery?

Repeat: What's the best way to improve pistol marksmanship without paying for formal training?

M193 GoofBall
You have stated that the 1873 is one of the fastest lever actions, what makes it faster than modern production Marlin 1894s and Henry lever actions?

Tom B
Should one or should one not use a lapping tool to "square" an AR-15 upper receiver before installing the barrel?

Michael J
2nd ask, Could any revolver pass a mud test?

Do you have any thoughts on the merits of a long stroke piston system vs short stroke or the traditional DI system for AR-15s?

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