Elijah Muhammad LIES About Malcolm X Murder (22 Feb 1965)

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1m Jul 30, 2021

During this shameful 22nd February 1965 press conference held a day after the #MalcolmX assassination, Nation of Islam (NOI) leader #ElijahMuhammad LIES to the news media about Malcolm’s killing by FALSELY claiming that Malcolm "chose" to leave the NOI and “go for himself” when Malcolm was, in fact, EXPELLED from the NOI by Elijah himself.

Elijah also FALSELY claims that his dispute with Malcolm was based on Malcolm’s support for armed self-defence by Black American victims of racist violence when, as the world now knows, the rift between the two men was sparked by Elijah’s ADULTEROUS relations with his teenage secretaries. At no time during his tenure in the NOI did Malcolm ever call for the use of arms or indicate any disaffection with the NOI’s policy on the subject.

Elijah also denies any NOI role in Malcolm’s murder when, as the world now knows, the NOI’s Newark #25 and Harlem #7 temples carried out Malcolm’s killing with Elijah’s FULL KNOWLEDGE following Elijah’s orders to his followers (contained in 1964 FBI reports) that it was time to “close (Malcolm’s) eyes” and that "hypocrites" (alluding to Malcolm) should "have their heads cut off".

Elijah, who silenced Malcolm for 90 days in December 1963 for describing the #JFK assassination as a case of “chickens coming home to roost” (a reference to the retributive #Karma that President Kennedy brought upon himself for his criminal roles in the Bay of Pigs invasion, #VietnamWar and domestic failure to act against KKK violence against Black Americans) is happy to GLOAT over Malcolm’s own murder by FALSELY claiming, to the assembled white reporters, that “Malcolm preached violence and became the victim of it.”

Furthermore, Elijah MALICIOUSLY claims that Malcolm was responsible for the 14th February 1965 FIREBOMBING of his own home - an atrocity which Harlem Temple #7 Captain Joseph X Gravitt (aka Yusuf Shah) finally confessed to having carried out shortly before his death in 1993.

Elijah’s revolting interview is followed by a POWERFUL and COMPELLING 12th April 1964 press conference that Malcolm X held in #Detroit and in which Malcolm sets out his true position on armed self-defence and other topics. The video clip closes with a RARE brief glimpse of the only known FILM FOOTAGE of the legendary 'Ballot or the Bullet' speech that Malcolm delivered at King Solomon Baptist Church later that same day.

WHAT #FARRAKHAN KNEW ▶️▶️ https://bit.ly/3AqWqp5
WHAT FARRAKHAN KNEW ▶️▶️ https://bit.ly/2V107kZ
WHAT FARRAKHAN KNEW ▶️▶️ https://bit.ly/3hzo1Mb


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