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1m Sep 23, 2021

In its simplest form, an email alias is an email address you can use in place of an existing email address. At the end of the video, you will find that an email alias provides you with the freedom to both use and manage your email in ways you may never have considered. Not happy with your email alias? No problem. In a couple of mouse clicks, the email alias can disappear completely.

This video will:

  1. Provide examples of how to use an email alias for convenience, an extra layer of privacy, and organization.
  2. Show you how to set up an email alias on both an email server, and an email client.
  3. Discuss a very important feature of an email alias: It's Free!!!

I have been using an email alias in place of an original email address for each of my websites. In this way, all email comments and inquiries from each site go into my main email address "inbox". I can tell by the email header address where the email was sent to. From there I can act on the email, - read, respond, forward, archive, delete, etc....very quickly, all from one inbox. Finally, in everyday use, I find the email alias itself, as a mechanism, to be rock solid.

Curious? Try it out, you might find, as I did, the email alias is a time-saving tool.

I hope this video has been helpful. Please leave your comments.



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