SmallHD 702 Touch: My favourite monitor EVER!

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1y Aug 16, 2019

SmallHD hired me to make a video on their new 7" monitor the "702 Touch". I expected to just make a short video explaining it, what I wasn't expected was it to be the perfect monitor for my work.

Yes, I know you doubt me as it is a sponsored video but I promise you I mean it, watch the video to see why. I put a huge amount of effort into this one and it includes some fancy new toys in it including the Gudsen Moza Slypod and the Venus Laowa Probe lens.

Pick up the monitors and the gear used below:

SmallHD 702 Touch: http://bit.ly/smallhd702touch
SmallHD Focus 7: http://bit.ly/smallhdfocus7
SmallHD 702 Bright: http://bit.ly/smallhd702bright
Moza Slypod: http://bit.ly/gudsenmozaslypod
Venus Laowa Probe Lens: http://bit.ly/probelens
Sony A7III: https://bhpho.to/2YV8IXx
Z-CAM E2: http://bit.ly/zcame2
SmallHD Focus: http://bit.ly/focus5smallhd
SmallHD 703: http://bit.ly/smallhd703
Samyang 35mm F1.4: http://bit.ly/samyang35mmbh

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