Cavalry and Cataphracts in the Seleucid Empire | Tanks of the Ancient World -Dr. Silvannen Gerrard

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4m May 4, 2021

In this episode I am joined by Dr. Gerrard who brilliantly guides us into the origins and establishment of the Seleucid Kingdom and its armies.

We explore the cavalry of the Seleucid Empire but more importantly we explore its Cataphracts from a variety of topics such as what was the general ethnic makeup of these units? What weapons did the typically fight with? What does archaeology and primary sources tell us about these troops? What would it have been like to fight with and against these mounted soldiers and how were they typically used on these ancient battlefields?

From equipment to the men and their horses we explore a world long since forgotten.

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Academia: https://manchester.academia.edu/SilvannenGerrard

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