FoulkesBrau #63 - Another Trojan treadmill control board - B307D

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1m Nov 29, 2021

In this video Craig takes a look at another control board for a Trojan treadmill. I show you how to diagnose the fault in real time without all the usual blab. The board number is B307D.

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                                      ====* Disclaimer *====

I do these things at home so that you don't have to. Electrickery can kill you! 💥☠️

If you insist on trying these things yourself, I and/or any company and/or person that I am affiliated with cannot and will not be held responsible for any damages, loss of life and/or injuries that you may incur and/or cause to those around you. Simply put - you do this at your own risk. ☠️

I am doing this to raise the capital needed to start our own brewery.

I do not do electronic repair as a profession - I work in the Control & Instrumentation engineering field. I have however worked in electronics repair many years ago. I take these repairs in to fulfill the point mentioned directly above and to keep my hands and eyes in as technology changes.

Please do take care when working with live circuits. Mains voltage 110/230VAC at 60/50Hz has the potential to kill you. 💥☠️

All #craftbeer is reviewed against the #BJCP 2015 style guidelines and the style as published on the label of the beer. If your #beer is labeled as a lager but brewed as a Weißbier - I will rate it as a lager. Don't get upset with me - you as the brewer should know better. I am not here to guess the appropriate style for your beer.

I buy the beers myself and do not review any beers that are sent to me by commercial brewers. I will however rate beers that are brewed by other home brewers from time to time.

All thoughts, views and opinions are purely my own and not necessarily those of anyone I am affiliated with.

                                       ====* Tips *====
  • Don't work in isolation. Always try to have someone that will check up on you periodically or even better keep an eye on you. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. 👍

  • Make sure the person watching over you has no direct benefit from your demise. There is no point in adding temptation to the mix. This would rule out wives,whether past or present, mistresses and most girlfriends. 🤣

  • Remember to check that those bulk storage capacitors are discharged, they can hurt you badly and have the potential to kill you.

  • Don't skimp on your test equipment. Always buy the best quality you can afford. There is a reason why professionals use multi-meters like Agilent, Brymen, Fluke etc. All the functions in the world mean bugger all if the meter blows up in your hands and kills you because it is not designed safely. 💥☠️

  • Alcohol abuse is a serious disease. Don't drink and work on live circuits. Alcohol impairs the ability to make sensible judgments. This point applies to other facets of life too, or so I've been told.

  • When caught going down the rabbit hole, walk away and come back another day. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all that is needed to find that elusive fault.

  • Cats are good for your mental health - adopt - don't buy. And no, mine are not up for adoption. 🙉🙈🙊

  • Life is too short - always try to see the lighter side of things. You may just find that you have a smile on that dial, sometimes. 🤫

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