March 2017 Q&A - Part 1

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4y Mar 28, 2017

The March 2017 Patreon Q&A ran well into an hour and a half so we've broken it up into two 45 minute segments.

WW1 Rifle Sights:
Regarding shooting WW I rifles, any accuracy advice with those 500 yard battle sights? I swear I can't hit much of anything with my M95 carbine.
David L
Can you describe the thought process the US military had with the 1903 rifle's ladder sight. Why is the folded position a 500yd zero? If you're out patrolling and an enemy pops up at 100yds, you are required to raise the ladder and find the target in the peep but targets at 500yds can be quickly engaged from the folded position. I attempted to hunt with this rifle a few years ago and when a pair of deer came running past, I had no time to raise the ladder. I tried snap-shooting with the folded sight and missed high. What was the battle doctrine that encouraged such a backwards sighting system?

Mark S
What's your opinion on SBR pistol caliber carbines for home defense? Potential pros being low recoil impulse, higher magazine capacity and precision than a regular pistol and lower penetration through walls than a rifle which should be a consideration in an apartment setting.
What are your thoughts on the utility of pistol caliber carbines for civilian purposes (HD, plinking, training, competition, etc...)?

Frankie H
Karl, I'm building my first AR and I want a fairly precise, consistent rifle. My question to you is, being that I'm new to this, should I buy a medium/Government contour profile 16" barrel and learn how to shoot, or should I buy a heavy profile barrel, deal with the extra weight and gain the advantages of a heavy barrel.
Also, if two barrels are the same profile, and one is fluted, will the fluted barrel really offer the same accuracy with improved lack of stringing while also being lighter? I feel like it's too good to be true.

Corey A
This isn't so much a question as it is a request. On one of your 2 Gun matches, could you guys swap gear? You each pick the guns and gear, after agreeing on a class, and don't tell each other what you're bringing. Then you get what you get at the match.

When did pistol grips become common on military rifles and why? I find it to be more ergonomic shooting rifles without pistol grips and wonder what spurred their implementation on service weapons.

Taylor M
Hey fellas, first of all, shoutout to the best haircut duo in the YouTube business.
Couple of short questions. Ian, I was wondering if you could explain why lever-action guns never found prominence in shooting spitzer bullets (or perhaps, why doesn't the design allow for it?). Also, what do you guys reckon, all things considered (troop likability, battlefield effectiveness, technological advantage, etc.) is probably the most dominant infantry fielded machine gun of all time? Thanks guys.

Sean S
Karl, I am seriously considering building a HMG CETME-L and just rattle canning the finish cause all I want is a "beater rifle". I know Ian had his nitrited, and that would finish the interior of the receiver. Did you finish the inside of your receiver at all, or did you just leave it in the white?

Chris B
Hey guys. I've got a simple question, but one I've wondered for a while.

What are the military and field-use differences (benefits and detriments) of using an open bolt SMG or a closed bolt SMG. I've seen a bunch of more modern SMG's use both types, and I was wondering what your take was on this.

Thanks, and good job on reaching your goal!

Tyler M
If you reach $5,000 a month will you start importing mud from Vietnam?

Jasper W
Karl, I've noticed what appears to be a trend. When you test a rifle, the sample size is one which you freely admit. But the trend is that you seem to have much better success than other YouTubers with the same rifle. (Others said the Century C308 was a 4-8moa gun, yet you shot well in a match with yours.)
Either you have incredible luck or there is some skill. You have hinted at your experience, but could you go a little deeper into your background (I started shooting X at Y years of Age )? And could you estimate the investment of time and money that it took to get where you are?

Shaun E
Any chance you could talk in a bit more detail about nuts and bolts of running 2 gun matches? I've got land and am working toward building a range and hosting matches. Any words of wisdom, lessons learned, etc. would be great. For example, I'm having a hard time finding an insurance company that doesn't think I'm a trumpnazi just for asking the question. Any leads or ideas?

Matthew J
Suppose you were offered the option to retroactively remove one category of restrictions from the NFA - length, caliber, muffling, or auto/burst. Which would you choose, and how do you think the US civilian firearms market might have developed differently as a result?

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