On the trail of the Uniformed Redneck: Alpenflage, roadsigns, a cool range and a Centibunker.

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4y Aug 4, 2016

Bloke takes a trip up a valley on the search of the Uniformed Redneck, nattily attired in Alpenflage.

This video is kind of a mashup between a camouflage effectiveness video in homage to Brent0331, a chance to show some scenery, a tour of an interesting military shooting range with the remains of a Centibunker trainer (which was a bunker with a Centurion tank turret in it). And it's a chance to examine the terminal effects of Swiss service ammunition on roadsigns, that most redneck of targets of opportunity.

And, there's a very, very fresh future Bratwurst in the Parting Shot.

Brent0311's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Brent0331

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