Stoicism and How to think like a Roman Emperor with Anya Leonard and Donald Roberston

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1m Aug 13, 2021

In this episode I host Anya Leonard who is one of the founders of Classical Wisdom which is an online platform that specializes in educating the public involving ancient history, art, philosophy, culture and so much more.

We talk about why she started the organization, how far they have come and what do they have planned for us in the future.

She excitedly tells us about an upcoming symposium that we can all attend with an awesome list of scholars titled End of Empires and Fall of Nations.
Get your ticket to the upcoming symposium here: https://classicalwisdom-symposium-2021.eventbrite.ie

Lastly we approach the benefits of becoming a member of classical wisdom from free eBooks to webinars and beyond. To appease our awesome fanbase here at SAMA, Anya Leonard kindly and graciously allowed us to use segments from a talk by Donald Robertson on Stoicism and How to think like a Roman Emperor and I hope that you all enjoy this.

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