Drinking and Thinking - Beer, Groceries and Online Shopping

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1m Nov 28, 2021

Drinking and Thinking a new playlist by Shagdog and Jammer of the Spit or Beer Review. Shagdog and Jammer discuss various subjects that men talk about while drinking with buds. Women, Cars, Sports, Politics, Shopping ect. You name it, we will probably talk about it in between our beer reviews.

Warning! Shagdog and Jammer may be intoxicated when discussing various subjects. The expressions or views are not necessarily their own opinion and are only for entertainment and shock effect.

About The Spit or Swallow Beer Review

Shagdog and Jammer, veteran beer reviewers since 2011. Original Channel deleted by the powers that be. After accumulating close to 1400 videos and well over 1 million total views, not to mention over 7000 subscribers over 8 years. Then 2020 hits


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