Tin Foil Hat #40: Building Six With Greg Carlwood

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3y Sep 11, 2017

Happy 9/11 and welcome to another interesting episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. The boys welcome back from the Higherside Chats, the conspiracies king Greg Carlwood to discuss 9/11 sixteen years later. On this episode we discuss.....

  1. Precognitive Art
  2. Microsoft WingDings Q33_NY
    3)Sept 10th and The Reptilian formally known as Donald Rumsfeld
    4)The Pentagon
  3. Building Six and we said Building Six
  4. The El Dorado Task Force
  5. The Dancing Israeli's
  6. Paranoid Podcasters and not waiting to get Suicided
  7. Aaron's thoughts
  8. And we read your 5 Star iTunes Reviews

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