February 2019 Q&A

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2y Feb 22, 2019


Sean G
What happen at shot show with Franklin Armory that they wouldn't talk to inrange?

Robert P
What's the story with Franklin armory at shot show this year? Were you denied complete access or just media coverage?

Troy M
If you could only buy guns from one manufacturer who would you pick.

Brion B
Was there any actual competition to the Winchester rifle for civilian use in the late 1800s?

Benjamin R
Is there a major advantage to a ceramic plate with kevlar behind it vs. Ar500 with a thick layer of anti spalling coating for body armor.

Adam W
Did you gents get into fisticuffs at Shot Show this year?

Thomas B
Are there any particular precautions that you take to prevent moon dust from gumming up your guns and in particular your magazines?

What are your thoughts on bullpup pistols like the boburg/bond arms 9?


Anthony B
After a year of tuning up the WWSD carbine and then going back to switching rifles for each match, do you miss the consistency of the WWSD carbine?

In looking up parts for my own WWSD rifle I saw that there are drop in triggers with a flat trigger or a curved trigger. What's the difference?


Shawn P
I had the best time at DB 2019, told my wife it was my Christmas. Thank you. Likelihood of DB 2020 returning to SUPS?

In what ways did the intermediate and below cartridge requirement at Desert Brutality 2019’s venue affect stage design, compared to your past events?

Jorge R
Most 2 Gun events are just 3 Gun minus the shotgun, how can we continue to spread genuine 2G ACM with physical and marksmanship challenges?

Glen W
For 2-gun and other competition shooting do you prefer a Red-dot or Reflex and would interest in a flip-over magnifier change that preference?

Michael R
Why do you both love the Garand but not so much the M14?

David P
Was the Mauser C96 concept too weak an action to potentially have been developed into a "sturmgewehr"?

Jeff W
As people who shoot a lot, how are your blood lead levels and how often do you get checked? What precautions do you take to stay safe?

Sean T
I see you guys do a lot of reviews of military firearms but haven't seen a review of the M17 / Sig P320, what do you think of the new standard issue service pistol?

Mason H
If you could have brought a lever action to the western trenches would have, or would you have kept a bolt action?

Nicolas B
Ian, will you do a mud/dust test of your FAMAS ?

Anthony H
Do you think 2gacm would ever become 1gacm (rifle only)?

Bryce D
Do you think the speed of the 1876 is negated by the reload speed of a bolt gun with charger clips, when shooting more than 15 rounds?

Chadi P.
Many times a bullet tip is used a tool (disassembly etc..) Can rounds detonate from being rough handled?

sean M
If the original top mounted charging handle on the ar-15 had made it to final production/military adoption how would the platform have evolved in terms of optics mounting?

On the 2 gun match with the SCAR, you said there would be more content, will there be?

Hunter G
What is the weirdest/most out of place weapon you have seen at a 2 gun match?

Kyle C
Having seen your mud test on the Winchester rifle, do you think the lever gun could have seen any service in the Great War? I'm curious how something like an 1866 Henry carbine would have handled in a trench raid.

I love the Old West Vignette series, any plans on battle of little bighorn aka battle of the greasy grass?

Callum B
Which; in your opinion, is the superior method of magazine insertion/retention? The AK's "rock-in" style or the AR's straight in?

Jonas G
During WW1 how common was it for soldiers to pick up and use the enemy weapons, say a German picking up a Chauchat if they came across one?

Any opinions on storage compartments on the rifle(pistol grip or stock)?

Petr F
Why is the S333 Volleyfire not a machinegun under NFA?

Luis R
Why aren’t there any modern top breaking revolvers?

Will W
How prolific where Gatling guns in the old west?

Leslie W
Many times you have mentioned that the AKM is the litmus tests for designing stages. I don't recall that you have mentioned what your litmus test pistol is. Could you advise?

Travis R
First time question, do either of you individually or InRangeTV as a whole ever receive hate mail or backlash from the anti-gun community either in person, social media or other forms of communication?

Andrew C
As pistol red dots gain market share, do you think future pistols will be engineered for designs that allow a non reciprocating optic assembly?

Thomas M
Why do you abuse the guns you use or test by throwing them on the ground, it hurts to see it?

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