1 Hour of Relaxing and Ambient Energy Music

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3w Sep 24, 2021

Some of my music that I slapped together, thought it was about time I make one of these for the first time, took me half the day because of errors on my part and just an OK meh-ish PC for exporting but it should sound fine, I put multiple tracks in Audacity and normalised them together, then made this music mix in VSDC, I was going to use Shotcut as I experimented earlier in the week, but it was playing up today for some reason.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!
I'll be back after some needed sleep and catch up with you all later :)

#ambientmusic #amfimusic #ambientmusichour

About Pax Padma

I create music in the Ambient, Electronic, Space, Experimental, Dub and Dark ambient genres of music creation. No Cover music, a version of something once in a blue moon, the rest is all original creations by myself.


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