Ascension or Detention Episode 2

Frogger: The Great Quest - PlayStation 2

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1y Aug 31, 2020

All videos in the "Ascension or Detention" series choose a game from Metacritic.com that has scored 49/100 or below and after a playthrough, I ask the question "Does this game deserve to see ascension (better than a red score), or remain in Metacritic detention where it started?"

Frogger: The Great Quest for the PlayStation 2 is under scrutiny today. This game is a third person adventure game that came out in 2001 for PlayStation 2 and PC.

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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 1m 1 month ago

Cool, so you do play PS2 games! Here's another recommendation for some point: Ephemeral Fantasia. People hate it, and I admit it's a bad game, but personally I love it. It's one of my favorite JRPGs out there.

Frogger the Great Quest is a weird game for sure. I remember getting it as a youngster, but I recall nothing about it other than it was... generic and uninspired.

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