#235 - Metal-O-Mania - 12-1-21 - Vaulted and Crimson Caliber as Guests

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1m Dec 1, 2021

Just in time for Skully and The Crypt to shoot off for some fun in Vegas....we were lucky enough to have some of our amazing METAL Friends pop in to celebrate the occasion. First up is our brother Cody Rico from the amazing Vaulted to talk about this killer release....Left in Despair...Get it gang and then my boy Travis Malley from Crimson Caliber brought by the new single to share with us and to shoot the shit a bit....plus The Crypt and Skully split your noggins with a playlist more deadly than open market snake guts.....enjoy..and bring a metalhead pal or two because We are the MOM that your Friends warned you about!!!

About Metal-O-Mania

The Crypt and Skully from Metal-O-Mania host a weekly show on Radio VPS that highlights brand new metal music coming out today.


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