Swiss Milbank-Amsler 1842/59/67 18mm and 1863/67 10.4mm rifles: Mechanics

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1y Nov 14, 2019

Following on from the Chap's earlier vid on getting a Swiss Milbank Amsler barking again, this time he delves in true BotR nerd style into the surprisingly fast conception, modification and adoption of the Milbank-Amsler trapdoor / tabatière system by the Swiss at the close of the 1860s. Both the 18mm rimfire model 1842/59/67 and the 10.4mm rimfire model 1863/67 are featured.

Early BotR vid on the Swiss Peabody and its internals can be found here:

Footage of both types in action is included toward the end for those who wish to skip the nerdy bits.

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