U Turn in a Thai Long Tail Hydroplane

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2m Jul 21, 2021

Top Speed 100 km/h
Price of Boat 150,000 THB
Price of second-hand custom Engine 50,000 THB
Boat Owner - เรือซิ่ง สามวา on Facebook

1600cc Toyota Twin Cam 16 valve Engine in a small Longtail Hydroplane boat.
These small taxi boats service Minburi Old Market along Klong Samwar in the outskirts of Bangkok.
The address of Minburi Old Market is:
Sihaburanukit 22, Min Buri, Bangkok 10510
สีหบุรานุกิจ 22 แขวง มีนบุรี เขตมีนบุรี กรุงเทพมหานคร 10510

The Taxi Boats leave from here: GPS 13.812581, 100.729700
Build a model of a Thai Longtail Hydroplane - www.John-Tom.com or ReplicaPlans.com

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Exploring Long Tail Hydroplane boats and other marine craft in Thailand. We have videos on scratch building Model Boats, Home Workshop tips along with the occasional Inert Replica Weapon build.


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