An Interview with Bill Walton: Capitalism and the Purpose of Business

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5m Apr 8, 2021

Finance, when properly understood, is about “win/win” strategies to move capital to more productive uses, but what about all the people left behind by capitalism’s “creative destruction? Are Americans no longer willing to do what’s necessary to create their own future? Is there a the need for an optimistic freedom agenda that embraces America’s founding ideas?

In this interview conducted by Bill Walton in March 2021, Bill and Yaron sit down to debunk capitalism, the purpose of business, how the profit motive is a good thing and why one's moral purpose should be one's own happiness and self-interest.

This interview was recorded by the Bill Walton team and permission granted to post on Yaron Brook's podcast platforms. For more episodes by Bill Walton, see https://thebillwaltonshow.com/.

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