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The System is Down Episode 259

Biden is Broken. "No No No, I'm Not Joking!"

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1m Jul 28, 2021

Dan & Travis watch the world burn while laughing their way thru all the most important articles in the news… and a whole lot of unimportant ones as well.

On the Docket:

  • Biden's Town Hall was a disaster, inside and out of context
  • Pepe Le Pew's Space Jam 2 replacements?
    *Captain Marvel still ain't woke enough
    *Lil Nas X's prison praise?
    *Bezos' Dick Rocket
  • and much more

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Discussing topics that your family prays you won't bring up around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Conspiracies, politics, religion, and much more, we're here to shed light on breaking or broken systems and have a fun time doing it.


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