Chieftain's Q&A 14. Ares cannons, IFV Missiles, and exposure times.

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1y Aug 27, 2020

Amongst other things.

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Table of Contents

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00:00 Admin
05:32 Is putting a missile onto an IFV really worth it?
11:09 How noticeable are the external sounds of battle in a tank?
12:28 What's the practical difference between cannon, autocannon and coax?
15:48 What can I tell you about the tank rampage in San Diego?
19:27 Who is my cameraman for Inside the Chieftain's Hatch?
21:33 What is the engagement process in a tank?
28:14 Anything other than tanks and ships interest me? Any favorite time periods?
30:07 Has the assymetry of torsion bar vehicles ever caused a problem?
33:05 What of the new Rheinmetall 130mm?
34:51 Why did the US convert the FT away from metric in the M1917?
36:02 What is my assessment of tanks in Vietnam?
37:25 Talk about the Ares 75mm hypervelocity cannon and the AAI ELKE
42:57 GOTM
47:58 Why "Chieftain"?
48:18 Is there an equivalent to the turret monster in turretless vehicles?
48:40 Given all the low intensity urban stuff recently, should we move away from tracks?
50:25 Are the days of the 105mm as a primary tank weapon over?
51:50 What is the viability of lifting a wheel to shorten a track for turning?
55:14 If I could replace any US vehicle with one of another nation, what would it be?
56:30 Why only four flashlights issued to M18 crews?
57:30 How does the NBC system work on a tank?
59:45 Is HEAT actually a general purpose round?
1:01:00 Care to comment on T26E4?
1:02:08 What is the purpose of a tracked mortar carrier vs wheeled?
1:03:37 Any recommendations for books about early war tanks or doctrine?
1:05:15 What is my favourite dinosaur?
1:05:38 Was 3AD really so short on men that they ran 3-man crews?
1:06:40 What tanks would I take to Vietnam?
1:07:55 What would a tank designed for urban combat look like?
1:09:15 How often would vehicles be designed outside of official centralised channels?
1:10:38 Who/What are my three stars of WW2?

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