SmallmouthCrush LIVE Auction Night PLUS a HUGE GIVE AWAY!

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1m Nov 29, 2021

For everyone on tonights show that purchases a my MonsterBass Holiday Gift Box (basically its some great baits that I hand picked at 1/2 off retail!) They will be entered into a drawing at the end of the LIVE. The prize is a HUGE Gift Pack......worth well over $250 !! HUGE PRIZE Package.

Here is the link to purchase the BOX! https://monsterbass.com/collections/influencer-holiday-grabs-bags/products/smallmouthcrush-grab-bag

Once you buy it let us know in the comments! We will randomly pick one winner and you dont need to still be present. We will get ahold of you.

I will show you the lot you are bidding on and say the lot number. In the comments, let me know the top price you are willing to pay. We have a lot of items to go through, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on each lot. I try to catch the most recent bids but sometimes there is a lag between comments and the LIVE stream. If we call the person’s name who won and your comment comes up moments later at a higher price I have to stay with the person who we call on the air. If you see a lot that you really want make sure to put the highest price you are willing to pay to avoid this.

You can pay two ways, PayPal or Venmo

Paypal @travismanson or try my email if you are having trouble tspeedm@yahoo.com

Venmo @TravisMansonSmallmouthCrush

Erics Paypal if you win his Lots ericgalasso@hotmail.com

In the notes of PayPal and Venmo, please put your Full Name, Shipping Address, Lot(s) won, and Price - This is very important.

If you won more then one lot you can wait till the end to pay and let me know what lot numbers and total....again Please make sure your shipping address is in the notes.

About SmallmouthCrush

Fishing videos and fishing related content uploaded weekly is what you will find here. I created this fishing channel to bring you how to videos on the water instruction, educational fishing videos on how to catch both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.


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