Finnish Brutality 2021 - The Winter War

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5m Mar 6, 2021

#finnishbrutality is a collaborative effort between InRangeTV and Varusteleka. Varusteleka are not only our friends, but also the best outdoor and military surplus supply store in the world. Seriously.

You can find Varusteleka at:

You can find competitive shooter Jenny here:

We planned to have quite the event this year, with stages and a match in the Finnish snow based around the Winter War. Sadly, Finnish public health restrictions forced the cancellation of the match...but a small handful of folks were able to attend a mini version of the event, and Ian is reporting in with a WWSD2020 carbine for some winter Brutality!

We do plan to hopefully have a full Finnish Brutality match in October with the hopes that COVID will settle down by then! Let's all do our part so we can make that, and many more awesome things, happen again!

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