Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson - a Bookclub review!

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1y Jan 3, 2021

Was this Novella too rushed? Even for the prolific Brandon Sanderson there is a limit to how fast a book can be produced. Can faults highlight strengths you haven’t realized were there all along?
Beware travelers, some minor spoilers herein. Also, HUGE spoilers in the book for those that come before it, so DO NOT read this first.
Book Club review for Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson. This is a Stormlight Archive novella taking place between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War. I would recommend reading it between these two novels. It has some big Cosmere lore advancements and some great and needed character development.
Primary players are Rysn (a Thaylen merchant and extreme sport enthusiast), Lopen (everyone is a cousin, Bridge Four 4 life!), Huio (I can fix it), Rushu (why did you break it?), Nikli (it’s hard not to be conflicted when your mind is in more than one place), and Cord (who, to my great shame, I did not mention once).
Journey to Akinah aboard the Wandersail! Enjoy the food! Enjoy the sights! Try not to get eaten!

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