Chieftain's Q&A 15. Starships, Ideology and DIVAD.

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11m Oct 1, 2020

And we're back with this month's slew of creative questions submitted by viewers and patreons.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Admin notes.
02:06 What is my favourite Star Trek ship, and which version of Enterprise?
02:37 Were the M247 and XM246 as bad as all the stories paint them?
07:18 Diesel vs turbine powerplant
10:53 Why did the US and UK use demolition guns vs other countries with engineering vehicles without?
12:10 Did the US ever again consider a medium velocity gun like the 75mm?
15:20 Would Soviet tanks or doctrine have been different had there been less of a requirement for ideological thinking in doctrinal writings?
22:28 Why did they never change panther to go from interleaved to staggered roadwheel design?
23:11 How does one fight boredom in a tank?
24:13 What officially sanctioned modifications were made to allied tanks to protect against German handheld AT?
26:53 No, you can't get rid of tanks and fill the gap with something else.
28:14 Is "playing dead" a viable tactic for a tank?
29:09 Does tank ammo have an expiration date?
30:07 Is there a book which comprehensively covers US tank development between WW1 and WW2?
30:44 What would I consider to be the M4's finest moment?
32:14 Is it fair to judge tanks on ergonomics when they were designed at a time that ergonomics was not a recognised science?
34:11 If I could sit down with any historical tanker, who?
35:03 How do I avoid being injured by tank motion?
36:14 What was the concept behind twin-gun tanks like VT-1?
38:45 Was the M18 supposed to be fitted with the Ford V8?
40:27 Are tank crew members more likely to exhibit odd or strange behaviour?
40:51 Who had the best tank doctrine at the end of the war?
43:20 Are there any tanks I would consider as successful, even though they were considered outdated by the manufacturing country?
45:53 What would I consider to be the biggest mis-use of tanks?
47:40 What off-the-shelf solution would I select for US Army SHORAD?
50:30 Do light tanks exist in modern forces?
51:20 Can I elaborate on Strykers?
55:18 Why did everyone bar Britain move away from rifled cannons?
56:53 How is Abrams uparmoring actually done?
58:14 What is the difference, if any, between a heavy tank and a breakthrough tank?
59:12 What were Sherman's failings?
1:00:20 Which army made the best use of armoured cars?
1:01:17 What modifications were made to T92/T93 suspension to take the large recoil?
1:02:14 Are there any cases of torsion bars not running the full width of the tank?
1:03:10 Have I encountered evidence of tampering in official records to lie in order to protect people?
1:08:10 Why was Assault Tank T14 not resurrected instead of bringing in the Sherman Jumbo?
1:09:05 What's with the odd roadwheel spacing on T55?
1:09:27 What is "Short-tracking"?

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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