Ignorance vs Understanding: Regulation of "malware"?

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3y Dec 16, 2017

Ignorance vs Understanding: Regulation of "malware"?

The similarities between kinetic and digital weapons are astonishing - both are nothing more than agnostic technology.

It's how the technology is used that dicatates a positive or negative result and both are nearly impossible to truly remove from the populace. As a result regulators create a patchwork quilt of confusing and ridiculous laws typically based out of ignorance and fear.

We're now at a point in which we're again seeing this same sort of ignorance and fear being applied to the research, development and analysis of malware. There were attempts in the past to sue lawful firearms manufacturers for the "harm" caused by their product and we're now seeing that same logic applied to hackers and software coders working with 'malware' in which there is a momement afoot to hold them criminally liable for actions done with their code even if they were not the ones instigating the actions.

Using regulations and ignorant laws to control technology inevitably fails.

Malicious people will do malicious things and keeping technology out of the hands of the "good people" is never the right answer.

Ignorance is never the answer.

Please join us for this 45 minute round table discussion with some true experts in this field:

John Strand of Black Hills infosec (and SANS instructor):

Jake Williams of Rendition Infosec (and SANS instructor):

Deviant Ollam, physical security expert:

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