The Never Ending Feud of Keemstar & Ethan Klein (H3H3)

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3w Jul 7, 2021

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Keemstar on H3 Podcast
10:24 PewDiePie N Word Hypocrisy
13:22 H3 Drunken Rant
18:55 Keem Responds to H3's Drunk Rant
40:25 Scarce Responds
47:26 Keem Continues Ranting on Twitter
1:02:29 Keemstar on Official Podcast
1:07:05 H3 Addresses Drama Sober
1:16:43 Keem Asks about FUPA
1:20:28 Ethan Apologizes to Keemstar
1:25:42 Gokanaru's H3 Video Gets Removed
1:37:24 H3 Responds to Video Removal Theory
1:45:53 lol
1:51:50 H3 Makes P3do Joke about Keem
1:53:52 Content Nuke
1:58:43 H3 Goes After GFuel Sponsor
2:01:38 Comment Cop Exposes Keem for going afer Sponsors
2:04:20 People go after H3 Sponsors
2:09:43 Keem Talks about FouseyTube
2:12:10 SomeOrdinaryGamers (Muta) VS Ethan
2:13:19 RSGLORYANDGOLD (Old Man Tony)
2:25:24 WoodysGamertag
2:28:54 Keem Challenges H3 to Boxing
2:35:17 Keem Trends #GoodGuyKeem
2:38:40 Keem Reuploads Gokanaru's Video
2:47:23 Ethan Responds to Gokanaru's Video
2:48:18 Ethan uses Keem's Twitter videos against him!
2:53:54 Shoenice
2:55:26 Leafy blames H3 for strikes
3:05:46 Shoenice again
3:15:36 RSGLORYANDGOLD again
3:29:25 Keem Apologizes to YouTube
3:41:10 Horses are Beautiful
3:51:20 Ethan & Keem call each other Racist
4:05:25 WoodysGamertag again
4:06:50 Keem tries to make peace
4:09:16 Leftover Tweets
4:11:41 Ethan Calls out Keem for covering SA
4:13:52 Ethan talks about Sponsors leaving
4:14:36 Ethan says Keem is using Leafy
4:20:15 Bingbong
4:24:50 Colorblock Hoodie
4:29:28 Keem Sleeping with Hila?
4:36:02 Halloween
4:44:11 Keem Defends David Dobrik against H3
4:47:58 Ethan goes after James Charles Sponsors
4:53:43 Ethan VS Keem's Takes on SA
5:12:30 Ethan VS Keem's Takes on Mental Health
5:15:08 Triller Lawsuit
5:21:32 Ethan reacts to Keem Desktop
5:25:37 Triller again
5:28:43 Keem Stealing Gamecube games?
5:29:33 Desktop Part 2
5:34:00 Keem Anti-Semitic?
5:40:02 Keem VS H3 Boxing Match

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