Protect your social media from being hacked

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1m Jul 29, 2021

With more social media accounts being hacked all the time and small businesses being crippled by not being able to promote themselves, it's time you took a look at protecting your business on social media.

About Dante St James

Dante St James is Australia's leading digital educator and advisor for small to medium businesses.

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simguy @simguy 1m 1 month ago

Nonsense. Almost every software u paid for or downloaded has backdoors built in giving THEM full access to do watever they want to do on or to your OS and hardware, and this includes all electronic devices that have digital connection to your PC including cams and even your monitor. They can disable your TV or monitor to make it look like it's broken and control your own cam like blurring it and preventing focus. Your browsers have complete access to your OS, it's not a sandbox software. Probably every major social websites r fully controlled and likely hacked by the insiders of the company, all fully authorized.

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