Stalker Among The Weak (Dark Ambient)

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2m Oct 3, 2021

Time for dark and eerie so here is some of that dark ambient void sound.
I'm trying some...things out so you might get something new this month along with the dark ambient flow of things ;)

Had this all done in Shotcut but every export had some audio issues that I could not accept, they were not in the music, something I couldn't figure out.
I made the video in Shotcut(massive pain for copy/paste multi file loops) and then completed it with the audio in VSDC, more time than intended but that's fine, I had a bit of fun making this one :)

#darkambient #experimentalambience #darkvoidambience #paxpadma

About Pax Padma

I create music in the Ambient, Electronic, Space, Experimental, Dub and Dark ambient genres of music creation. No Cover music, a version of something once in a blue moon, the rest is all original creations by myself.


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